The MOOC Técnico courses are developed by professors and researchers of Instituto Superior Técnico and partner institutions, such as national and international higher educational schools, that share our commitment to excellence in teaching and learning.

The development of the courses, its technical and pedagogical preparation, and its content production and the multimedia educational resources are assured by the multidisciplinary team of the Design and Multimedia Unit (NDM) of the Computer and Network Services (SI) of Técnico Lisboa.

Contents license

The MOOC Técnico courses and the corresponding contents are licensed under the Creative Commons license Attribution- NonCommercial- NoDerivatives 4.0 International (by-nc-nd).


Team Coordinator
Ana Moura Santos

Pedagogical Coordinator / Content Management
Ana Moura Santos
Alexandra Gomes

Design Director / Coordinator of the Multimedia and Design Unit
Tiago Machado

Technical Coordinator
David Martinho

Instructional Designer
Alexandra Gomes

Tiago Costa

Designer / Ilustrator / Pagination
Telma Baptista
Patrícia Guerreiro
Cláudia Leonardo

Content Management / Video Subtitling
Salvina Ribeiro

Assistance and Course Support
Victor Negirneac

Back-end Developers
Alexandr Ignatiev

Designer / Front-end Developer
Tiago Lopes

Débora Rodrigues

Credits / Contributions
Luís Freitas (2016)
Pedro Ribeiro (2015-2016)
Rui Figueiredo (2015-2016)
Cátia Mascarenhas (2017-2018)

Consultants (Original concept / guidelines for the design of courses and videos)
Alexandre Guedes da Silva
Fernando Albuquerque Costa
Horácio Fernandes