Education in a wide range of scientific areas

The MOOC Técnico courses approach several topics on Architecture, Engineering, Sciences and Technology and are available at different levels of education.

Bridging courses

Basic Sciences of Engineering and Technology


Graduate courses

Topics from curricular units of 1st and 2nd cycles of higher education

Extracurricular courses

Transversal topics from scientific, technological and architectural areas

Short courses in Portuguese language

Preferentially in Portuguese language, the MOOC Técnico courses can include transcripts in other languages, namely in English.

Each course has a duration of 4 to 5 weeks and is planned to have a work load of 4 to 6 hours per week from each participant.

With multimedia contents and collaborative learning practices

The MOOC Técnico courses are based, mainly, on short and medium-length videos, demonstration and tutorial or lab-experiment videos, expository and theoretical explanation of concepts, making a frequent use of illustrations and animations, interviews, among other formats.

During the running of the courses there will be a variety of tools and techniques for formative assessment available, allowing to test the acquired level of the retained knowledge in each topic. It will be possible to interact and debate matters with other participants, through discussion forums, and also to ask questions and clarify doubts with instructors and tutors. Group work and peer review are other possibilities to encounter during the running of MOOC Técnico courses.

Certificate courses and accredited by Técnico Lisboa

When registering and attending a MOOC Técnico course, you will have the opportunity to acquire relevant and cutting-edge knowledge, and you may earn a valuable certificate upon successfully achieving at least 60% of the planned course activities.

We predict in the near future to strengthen the credentials by attributing 1,5 ECTS to the courses, corresponding to curricular units of the 1st and 2nd cycles of IST.

Anywhere, anytime and on any device

Courses and the corresponding contents have free and easy access from any mobile device, with good image and sound quality.